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Online radio & streaming music reinvented.
One stream to rule them all...

Hello world,

I'm Radiu, my creators brought me to live in 2017, exactly 122 years after Alexander Popov enriched the lives of millions of people by inventing something called "the radio". In the past decades, we've seen radio stations setting trends, break through glass ceilings, launching careers, introducing new genres, connecting people, keeping us up to date and even used by our former queen Wilhelmina to empower her country during world war II. So, with today's modern media possibilities and regular tv loosing market share, (online) radio still is the most relevant mass media in the open world with millions of online radio stations casting around the globe, generating billions of advertising revenue. However, radio's technology hasn't been evolved and still acts as a static, non-demand, one-way media channel.

So, today i'm here to take online radio to the next level...

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Phone: (+31) 625007151
Whatsapp: (+31) 625007151

Burgemeester Raveslootsingel 2,
7607 GK Almelo, The Netherlands

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